For the love of sewing

Sewezi sewing tables provide a personalised workstation for you to complete your craft and sewing projects anywhere you want.

Portable Sewing Table

Your ”Go To” Sewing Station

Our original portable sewing table. Ideal for at sewing home or taking to classes and retreats. This table is built to last and packs away into its own carry case and has wheels for easy transport.

Grande Sewing Table

The Relocatable Sewing Station

Designed with a large work top and strong leg system making it the perfect Sewing Room workstation. The Grande is suitable for both large and small sewing machines.

Cutting Table

Height adjusted to your individual requirement

Variable heights allowing you to have it set at the perfect height for you to cut & design comfortably. The side leaves of the table fold down to save space.

Extension Table

Extra workspace for your projects

A perfect accompaniment to the SewEzi Portable or Grande, alternately it can be used by its self, place it where you need it most, beside or behind your sewing workstation. 

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Customer Reviews

I bought the original Sewezi table many years ago....and it still is the best thing I ever purchased! My mother in law is giving me a machine she bought years ago and never opened the box. I adore this table! It improved my sewing the second I got it! The design is so clever, and it is so easy to take to retreats! Every time I go to one almost every other person there is unloading one from their car! Thanks, Nancy Dobbratz
Nancy dobbratz
USA, September 2020
Best home or portable sewing table ever! I have one set up in my home to hold a second Sewing machine! I have three different sewing machines that I use, and the quick change kit, makes it so easy to switch from one to the other! And the table inserts are great! Their staff is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful!
Tonie Pertierra Huff
USA, Apr 2020

Meet Catherine & Dave

The morning it all started…

One morning in Dec 1999 Catherine woke up and said to David I have an idea. I have a concept to build a sewing table. At this time Catherine was part of a sewing group, which consisted of four mums with school age children. They lived 15-30mins away from each and met once a week to stitch at each others homes. Sewing space was always at a premium…

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Northland, New Zealand