March 2021 I Piece and Perks

March 2021 I Piece and Perks

That Piece

One the most common questions we get asked about our tables is……

“Does that piece that goes around the machine come with the table?”

That “piece” is the custom cut acrylic machine insert that wraps around your sewing machine to give the flat bed sewing experience.

And that “piece” is one of the trickiest parts of our business.

Presently we have an inventory of nearly 3000 different sewing machines in our data base. The oldest machine that make an insert is the Singer Featherweight 221 that was first released at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.  

Our challenge is to keep up with all the new sewing machines that are released constantly, and their changing designs, particularly curves.    

We bulk stock the most popular sewing machine inserts of the moment. If your machine sits outside this range we laser cut the acrylic insert individually for you. This allows for us to despatch your SEWEZI table with a personalised insert in a timely manner.

Sometimes, it happens that we don’t have your machine measurements in our system. When this happens, we create a relationship with the customer to create a new insert. This process is involves a little back and forth, with the outcome being a new insert for your sewing machine. We offer this service free of charge, because we figure if there is one sewing machine out there, there will definitely be another sewing machine out there like yours.

Also, remember if you have more than one sewing machine, you can have an individualised acrylic sewing machine insert for each machine. This allows you to have one table and use multiple sewing machines just by changing the acrylic insert.


What perks you ask. Well if you are the daughter of the SEWEZI designers and manufacturers (and your mother is also a gardening and flower fanatic) , there are definitely perks when you are planning your wedding. Using the same laser that we cut “that piece” with we also created all the acrylic wedding signs and place settings etc.

The Welcome sign with our house in background, with our covid QR code at front door.

We were blessed to squeeze our wedding in between the lockdowns.

Order of ceremony

Seating plan

Place settings

My place settings

Bridal table and flower wall.

Flower wall by night.

Some facts about the flower wall.

9m wide by 1.8m tall

1170 Fresh flowers water tubed into wall.

I purchased 100 sunflowers, and 100 pink gerberas, all the rest I grew in our garden.

20 person hours by Dave, both of Georgia’s brothers and me (4 of us working for 5 hours, the night before the wedding).

I promise in the next blog we will have THE DRESS photos, we have only just got the photos back in the last week, and I need to sit down with Georgia and go through them with her.



Stay safe, be kind


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Some things about me you need to know…..

I am obsessional, therefore I collect, and have collections.

I am passionate, I either love it or hate it there is no in between.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and struggle with the just ok finish I achieve sometimes.

I garden. I collect plants too, especially deciduous magnolias.

I need colour and texture to nurture my soul.

I read, research, and study because it excites me.

I am a mum to three twenty somethings, an attendant to two cats (Luna and Tux), and partner in all things to David of more than 30 years.


  • ByCreated June Vallerius (26-03-2021 )

    Country: England

    I have recently purchased the portable Sewezi table.I am so excited to have it and keep going in the room to have a look at it. One very happy customer. I ordered on the phone through Claire who was very helpful & friendly, couldn’t believe it would arrive so promptly. Thank you so much

  • ByCreated Jan Ballantyne (25-03-2021 )

    Country: New Zealand

    Loved reading about this snapshot of tour life..

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