June 2021 I After the wedding

June 2021 I After the wedding

I think I have finally recovered after the wedding LOL, we still have some random boxes with stuff in them around the place, and I have moved on from the watering obsession I had developed over the summer to keep the garden and flowers alive and green.


Here is a wedding photo montage for you all to enjoy.


Me pinning on something old, Georgia’s great great grandparent’s wedding brooch.

The table settings, one of the advantages of having a laser to cut acrylic inserts for SewEzi, is we were able to make all the place setting names, table setting numbers and signs.

The bridal table and flower wall.



The reverse of flower wall. The flower wall was a team effort from Dave, Taylor, Kipling (Georgia’s brothers) and I. Each flower was individually tubed.

Flower wall at night.

The flower situation got a little out of hand, on my part as well. I used 1100 flowers in the flower wall, the majority came out of our garden, I had specialist cutting beds to grow some of these.  I think I grew and used about 2500 flowers in arrangements in total.

Now for the disclaimer. I didn’t sew any of the dresses. My friend Sarah who is an amazing couturier, made Georgia’s dresses and mine. Georgia’s wedding dress was heavily structured, and made from Mikado, her second dress was stretch polyester satin with a full circle skirt, for dancing and comfort.

It was total luxury having Sarah make the dresses. Sarah made me two dresses, because of the discussions mentioned in last year’s blog about what I should be wearing. After all the dilemmas and comments, I went with the original linen, I LOVED. This is the one I didn’t choose.

The happy parents and their girl.

Next month it is 20 years since I came up with the original concept for the SewEzi Portable. I can’t believe it was that long ago. As a result we are going to have some celebratory giveaways, So keep an eye out.

Happy creating and sewing


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Some things about me you need to know…..

I am obsessional, therefore I collect, and have collections.

I am passionate, I either love it or hate it there is no in between.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and struggle with the just ok finish I achieve sometimes.

I garden. I collect plants too, especially deciduous magnolias.

I need colour and texture to nurture my soul.

I read, research, and study because it excites me.

I am a mum to three twenty somethings, an attendant to two cats (Luna and Tux), and partner in all things to David of more than 30 years.



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