The Twelve trees of Christmas

Tree Twelve - Woodland Tree


Wool felt 20cm x 30cm

Approx. 90 felt dots cut out of 2 shades of brown and 2 shades of green various sizes <1.5cm

Thread for sewing on felt dots, something that shows French Knots well.

DMC stranded embroidery thread to match wool felt for stitching tree together


Ornament for top of tree

Tree stand –  6.5cm x 6.5cm x1.8cm, 1cm dowel x 15cm (Trunk) 

*Alternatively, you can hang tree by braid or cord if you are unable to make tree stand.


1.Select felt colour  

(*hint- I always set my wool felt with the wool steam setting on my iron).


2. Trace tree pattern on to felt and cut out.

The tree pattern is designed to fit on 20cm x30cm wool felt.


3. Layout felt dots approximately where you want them, check the design and tack the felt dots on with a glue stick on.

  1. Sew felt dots on both sides of tree using French Knots. This is my 1st attempt at French Knots, I was surprised how easy it was. 2nd image shows reverse of tree.

5. Sew both sides of tree together by hand with whip stitch. Using 3 stands of DMC embroidery thread, leaving an opening of 5cm at the centre bottom of tree, this is so you can stuff it.

6. Stuff tree beginning at top of tree, stuffing small amounts at a time, stuff each branch before stuffing body of tree. Using chop stick or wooden knitting needle gently locate stuffing. Do not over stuff as you well not be able to get stand into tree.

7. Gently wiggle stuffed tree onto stand, stitch bottom of tree closed around stand.

8. Attach ornament to top of tree.