May 2020 I The homemade travel ironing mat.

May 2020 l The homemade travel ironing mat


When I have been at shows demonstrating SEWEZI,  I have used my homemade travel ironing mats. Lots of quilters and sewers have talked to me about these and asked me how I have make them. So here is my recipe.

The most important component is Insul-Brite. You can purchase this from your local quilt shop.

Why? This wadding manufactured by Warm and has a layer of mylar through the middle to reflect the heat. It creates a heat resistant layer. You can see the silver layer  in the following image. Normal wadding is NOT heat resistant.

You will need some thick woollen fabric. Old woollen blankets or old jumpers warm washed to slightly felt are ideal. If your woollen fabric feels thin double it up, so 4 layers of wool fabric instead of 2. You may just want to do this anyway. The only limit to thickness is what your sewing machine will sew.

Cut 2 pieces in fabric, 2 pieces in woollen fabric and 1 piece of Insul-brite to required dimensions.

 A note about fabric choice. I use poly cotton fabric because it does not rot as fast as 100% cotton under the extreme conditions of heat and steam. Sandwich all 5 layers together.

The sandwich should look like this.

Quilt all 5 layers together using a 90 (or larger) universal needle and extending the stitch length to 4mm plus.

Cut binding at 5cm (2inches) and fold in half.

The finished mat ready to go. It may seem quite puffy, it will flattened out after use.

A note of caution, these mats are designed and have been tested on SEWEZI tables.

Otherwise use only on a heat tolerant surface.

These mats are designed for pressing and ironing for short periods of time.

Do not leave your iron face down on ironing mat for any sustained time.

Do not place ironing mat over your cutting mat.

Always dry your ironing mat after use.


Making your own sewing accessories is fun and allows you to personalise your workspace.


Happy Sewing


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