• ByCreated June Cannon (05-05-2023 )

    Country: United States

    A quilting friend has this table and I have admired it for some time now. Got my daughter to buy it for my Birthday and will be using it this weekend on retreat. Cannot wait!!

  • ByCreated Jackie (13-01-2023 )

    Country: UK

    I’m absolutely delighted with my new Grande sewing table and extension table. I saw them demonstrated at the Festival of Quilts and was impressed and finally ordered them last week. They arrived within 4 days and it only took a couple of hours to assemble them and get sewing. The tables are very sturdy and stable - I wish I’d bought them years ago.

  • ByCreated N Bran (16-03-2022 )

    Country: Ireland

    It's sturdy, the sewing position is good and it's portable. However, they say you can use a knee lift with this table, they are wrong, at least for my model of sewing machine. It's good value for money if you don't use a knee lift but I use mine all the time when quilting so I'm pretty annoyed with myself for buying this.

  • ByCreated Fiona (27-02-2022 )

    Country: UK

    I took delivery of my cutting & design table earlier this week. Clare was really helpful and was able to sort out a minor hiccup with one of the frames. The table has now been built and has taken pride of place in my sewing room (aka spare bedroom!). It’s so smart it’s made the rest of the room look really messy….
    I can’t wait to use it - am sure it’s going to make my sewing life an even happier place 💜
    Thank you

  • ByCreated Janet Marshall (05-01-2022 )

    Country: United States

    I found out about the SewEzi portable table from my instructor when she was showing me how to use my new sewing machine. I told her I was looking for a small table, and she told me she uses this table when she goes to seminars. I checked it out, looked good, and I purchased it. I live in a studio apartment and I had to put my sewing machine on my desk to use it, then put it away. This portable table is perfect. It doesn't take up much room, and I can now leave my machine out so that is ready to use when I am. Thank you for a great product. And....the legs are purple!!!! love it...

  • ByCreated Karen shipman (28-12-2021 )

    Country: USA

    I just received the extension table as a gift. It is a great accessory to go with my portable table. I can arrange my sewing area in many different configurations. These products are so well made. It’s hard to express how pleased I am with this company.

  • ByCreated Debra Newman (05-03-2021 )

    Country: United States

    I was so excited to get this table to use in my rv and i will have to say the size of the table is perfect for my needs...however there is where perfection and my excitement ends.

    The insert does not fit up to the sewing machine on the motor end and theres just a hole left between the sewing machine and the insert, you have no place to lay your scissors or “anything else because it will fall off right to the floor. Thinking that maybe I got the wrong insert I called the company and spoke to a lady who informed me that it was the correct one that the problem is that my machine was not made correctly and she suggested that if I didn’t like it that I might call the sewing machine manufacture and tell them they didn’t make their sewing machine right. Excuse me but this is an after market product that they advertised that they have custom fitted inserts to fit any sewing machine, if they think this is good they have never tried to use it, I can tell you that for a Pfaff Quilt Expressions that insert leaves a lot to be desired.
    What a huge and expensive disappointment!!!! I will be getting rid of it if I have to give it away.

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Fiona Rose
Fiona Rose
My cutting and design table arrived earlier this week and Clare (U.K. agent) sorted out an issue with one of the frames... really quickly. The unit is now built and has taken pride of place in my sewing room (aka spare bedroom). I can’t wait to use it as I think it will make my sewing time even happier.read more
Tish Brindle
Tish Brindle
Love the SewEzi table, have just added a the tray and solid top as an into Level 3 treat.
Tonie Pertierra Huff
Tonie Pertierra Huff
Best home or portable sewing table ever! I have one set up in my home to hold a second Sewing machine! I have three... different sewing machines that I use, and the quick change kit, makes it so easy to switch from one to the other!And the table inserts are great!Their staff is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful!read more
Heather Camacho
Heather Camacho
I got my portable table (smaller one) second hand from a friend and I LOVE it. Even used it’s a fantastic table and the... customer service I’ve received is just perfect. I got a new machine and it was very fast and easy to get the pieces I needed to fit it in the table nice and flush. 💜read more
Wendy Mcclelland
Wendy Mcclelland
communication needs inproving
Debi Schrader
Debi Schrader
I love the convenience of my sewezi table. I am getting ready to order another insert. I would not go to a retreat... without it!read more
Kathy Lewis Darling
Kathy Lewis Darling
The Sewezi table puts your sewing machine at the perfect height for ergonomically correct sewing posture!
Wendy Hatley
Wendy Hatley
I bought a Sew ezi grande. I LOVE IT. It arrived in 2 days, was very easy to put together. Now I’m sewing with much... less pain. Thank you so much.read more
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The tables are stable enough for high speed sewing and embroidery. They are level enough to keep a good connection with my embroidery modules. Most importantly they were an affordable way for me to get an ergonomically correct level surface for sewing and I have been able to move them easily many times which I could not have done with large pieces of sewing furniture.

Cheri, United States , July 2019


The table is an engineering marvel. I am loving it. Just the right height and easy to tote.

Susan Mock


In a world full of poorly-made goods, I was pleasantly pleased when I received my sewing table.  It is one of the best engineered products on the market.  From the sturdy construction to the well-designed cover, it is a breeze to use.  Nearly all my quilting friends have purchased your tables and not one complaint among the bunch.  I just wish all products were so well designed. Keep up the good works!

Karen Ridenour-Price
Hedgesville, WV USA


 I received my SewEzi last Thursday evening, put it together and used it this morning.

I am so impressed with that table!!  The quality seems excellent and I really like how it lowers my machine.  It makes sewing so comfortable and much easier to see my work under the needle.

The design is going to make it a breeze to take to the quilting retreats I attend, including the fact I will have much more space in which to layout my “necessities”.

The SewEzi is a quilter’s dream, one of those little pleasures in life that quickly becomes a necessity!

Just wanted you to know how much I like my SewEzi.  Thanks also for the short time it took to get it to me after I placed my order!

Myrle Butcher


Just wanted to say that this arrived safely yesterday and I built it last night. I am very impressed-the quality is superb, the cut out for the sewing machine fits beautifully, and the attention to detail is outstanding (even down to the wooden battens in the packing case to protect it in transit. Thank you!

Alison Morris


I just wanted you to know how much I love my Sew-Ezi table!  I’ve been using it about a month now and I love its portability and the ability to switch out my two machines. The surface is smooth and fabric moves easily across it!  Being able to remove the insert makes putting the bobbin in my old Viking a breeze! It is just about perfect!  I plan to add the light box insert in the future.  Thanks for creating and producing such a quality product!

Kathy Watson



Got my table a week ago thursday (pretty speedy for pp) and I LOVE IT!

I would have written right away but have been busier than the proverbial one legged man.  Plus I wanted to give it a real run through and I have.

So far my favorite thing is how sturdy it is.  I may have mentioned that I’ve had my machine on tow tables and it shook them both terribly.  I had to start holding the top of my machine with one hand as I sewed which is inconvenient to say the least.  With the Sewezi, I can go at top speed with nary a wiggle;  heaven!  Also the surface is very smooth;  most handy for free-motion quilting.

Let us not forget how easy it assembled.  And how slim and light and maneuverable! I could go on and on but suffice to say I am a most satisfied customer.




I just received the inserts and QC blocks! And all I can say is, “PERFECT!!!!!” My little Featherweight fits in the table like a glove!

I LOVE this table! I’ve spent $100’s of dollars on sewing tables but the Sewezi is THE BEST built table around! Not only is it truly portable and light weight, but it is as sturdy as a rock!

There is NO wobble or vibration and the surface is smooth as glass including ALL edges. I just wish the designers and builders of this great little table would get  together with Arrow’s and HandiQuilter’s table makers and show them how to make a “PORTABLE”, “SMOOTH TOP”, “STURDY” table.

The only thing I would change would be to increase its size a few more  inches…but no matter…I still think it’s one terrific little table.

Thank you very much for all your help with this last order.

Cindy Holten



Your lovely sewing table arrived safe and well Monday morning.  So easy to assemble. The new black covers with a zip are a great improvement. My friend will just love her new baby.

Thank you very much for the excellent packaging and prompt service to my door.  Good on you kiwis. You have nailed it once again.

Judith Wastney



I ordered my SewEzi table at the Quilt Fest in Chicago this past April. It came promptly, and I LOVE it! I took it on the first outing to Charleston, WV for two days of machine quilting and embroidery classes with Sue Nickels. The SewEzi is fabulous, and it’s everything you said it is. Imagine: it has a flat sewing surface, folds flat, isn’t heavy, has two convenient handles, a great case with pockets for the inserts–and wheels! I am delighted with it at home as well–it fits right next to my long cutting table and is the same height; I can machine quilt on it, allowing my table to support the weight of the quilt. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

Nancy Ray New Martinsville, WV
PS: The insert fits my machine perfectly.



I ordered your table on May 1, 2007 and just wanted to let you know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I ‘demonstrated’ it to several of my quilting buddies, and a couple of them took down the information to order one themselves. For someone who did not use their ‘expensive’ sewing machine and only used their featherweight because it was in a cabinet, my Janome thanks you! I just had to share how excited I am to have this VERY helpful table. I sang it’s praises to my friends. I find it very sturdy and just perfect for me. I also pointed out that in lieu of a much more expensive cabinet, your table couldn’t be beat! Thank you again.

Debbie Gerdy



2 Sewezi Tables arrived today via Courier. They were so easy to put together, well packaged and I am thrilled with the product. Thank You so much. My quilting friends will be so envious – All the best with your business.

Judith Wastney Nelson



This is just a note to say thank you. I purchased a table from you at the Houston Int’l. Quilt Show and received it several weeks ago. I LOVE IT! It is the best purchase I have made in a long time. Keep up the great work and I hope to see many more inventions from you.

Debbie Rury
Fairview, Texas