Sewing Accessories – Quick Change Set

Quick change set


The SewEzi quick change set is a clever system to cope with the variation in heights between different sewing machines. Each quick change set consist of 16 (4 x 4) 3 mm (1/8 “) plastic shims. These shims click together like Lego blocks to make stacks of different heights depending on the difference in height between your machines. Your SewEzi agent will be able to tell you how many sets you need.

The base shim of each set has a pin sticking out which goes in one of the holes in the platform that the sewing machine sits on. This stops the quick change sets from sliding around. Place one stack under each foot of the sewing machine. You will know if you have the right number of shims when the free arm is level with the insert.

There is a pocket in the SewEzi Portable cover to store the quick change sets.


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