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Grande sewing table

The SewEzi Grande is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on. Your machine sits down into the table to produce a large level surface allowing for effortless flatbed sewing.

The SewEzi acrylic sewing machine inserts are especially laser cut to fit any commercial available domestic sewing machine. Our range of inserts includes machines from the 1930s (e.g. Singer Featherweight 221/222) to today’s latest releases across all sewing machine brands.

The acrylic sewing machine insert and cover are included in the price. 



Table Top Dimensions: 120 cm x 58.5cm (47” x 23”)

Table Height: 74cms (29”) with 3cm, (1 ¼”) of adjustment.

Table Weight: 17 kg (38 lbs)




Is the acrylic machine insert included with the SewEzi Grande?

Yes. When you purchase a SewEzi Grande sewing table, one acrylic sewing machine insert is included in the purchase price. The acrylic sewing machine insert supplied relates to the sewing machine details received at time of purchase.


Will my sewing machine fit into the SewEzi Grande?

Most likely, there are a few very wide machines that do not fit. We no longer publish a list for you to check if your machine fits as even if your machine isn’t on the list, it will probably fit an existing insert or we will endeavour to measure the machine and make one for you. If you want to check please contact us.


Can the SewEzi Grande be taken to classes and retreats?

No. The SewEzi Grande is designed for your sewing room. The SewEzi Grande is relocatable, this means it can be easily folded for storage or relocation. We opted for a “tool required” system for the Grande because it allows for a more positive locking system and stabilisation of the legs. As the table will only be folded down occasionally, an Alan key (Hex key) is required to loosen the legs for folding. All tools are supplied at purchase.


Can the SewEzi Grande be used for more than one type of sewing machine?

Yes, you can use SewEzi Grande with different sewing machines (not at the same time), all you need to do is purchase additional acrylic sewing machine inserts. Due to the varying differences in height between sewing machines often a SewEzi Quick Change is required also, this system allows for fast and easy changes between sewing machines.


What is the SewEzi Grande made of?

It has a large smooth working area made from Medium Density Fibre board which is finished with two pot kitchen grade paint. The corners and edges of the top are rounded to allow for the free movement of fabric.

The Grande base has been engineered to provide the maximum strength and stability while using the minimum amount of steel to minimise weight. The unique opposing leg system gives strength and allows for the legs to fold flat for transport and storage. The leg system is made from furniture tube which has been powder coated and contains a UV blocker to minimise fading in high UV environments.


Does the SewEzi Grande have a cover?

A fabric wrap cover is provided to help protect the table during storage or relocation.


What inserts are available for the SewEzi Grande?

There are three types of inserts available for the SewEzi Grande sewing table. The acrylic sewing machine insert, the wooden insert (to create a solid table top) and the acrylic light box insert. These additional inserts can be purchased at any time.

The SewEzi Grande sewing machine inserts are 450mm (17.5 Inches long) and the sewing machine is positioned to give the maximum amount of working space to the left of the operator as well as placing the knee lift in the correct position.

PLEASE TAKE CARE when handling the acrylic sewing machine inserts, as they may break if they are dropped.


Will my serger/overlocker fit into the Sewezi Grande?

There are two ways the SewEzi Grande sewing table can accommodate your serger/overlocker. Firstly, you can place your serger/overlocker down into the cut out in the top of your table (just like you would your sewing machine), most older model serger/overlockers fit. Some of the newer models that have been manufactured in last couple of years are just too large for this method. This depends totally on the size of your serger/overlocker fitting into the table top cut out. 27cm x 67cm, (10½ ” x 26”)

The second method works for all serger/overlockers. You need to purchase the SewEzi wooden insert to infill the cut out in the top of the table. Once this gap is covered over your serger/overlocker sits on top.


accessories are available for the Sewezi Grande?

The additional accessories available for your SewEzi Grande are the thread stand and accessary tray. These can be purchased at anytime.

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