Portable Sewing Table

The SewEzi Portable Sewing Table is our flagship design. It is a uniquely designed foldable sewing table that allows you to choose where you want to sew. You can sew at retreats and classes without worrying about sharing a rickety table with others. Instead, you have true flatbed sewing, where your machine sits down into the table and is surrounded by an acrylic insert, the flatbed design saves your back and neck from fatigue and cramping. The table has been specifically constructed to provide a stable sewing platform while still being easily transportable. The table has folding legs and can be easily folded away to store in a wardrobe or under a bed.

Grande Sewing Table

The SewEzi Grande is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. The table has large flatbed surface, where your sewing machine sits down into the table and is surrounded by an acrylic insert. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on. The SewEzi Grande’s worktop is approximately 70% bigger than the SewEzi Portable sewing table. The Grande table has foldable legs and can be folded away.

Cutting Table

The SewEzi Cutting Table has variable heights allowing you to have it set at the perfect height for you to cut & design comfortably. It uses the same smooth anti-snag finish as our other tables meaning it’s perfect for cutting delicate fabrics while remaining robust! The side leaves of the Cutting & Design Table fold down to save space and 8 lockable wheels allow you to move it around the room or your house.

Extension Table

The SewEzi extension table is the perfect accompaniment to the SewEzi Portable or SewEzi Grande, alternately if can be used by its self. The big advantage of the SewEzi extension table is you can place it where you need it most, beside or behind your sewing workstation.

Serger Table

The SewEzi  Serger/Overlocker table is designed to give flatbed sewing when serging or overlocking. This table is designed for serger/overlocking and flatlocking sewing machines.

Sewing Accessories

There is a range of handy SewEzi accessories to make your sewing experience even more enjoyable.

Sewing Table Inserts

The SewEzi sewing machine inserts are especially laser cut to fit any commercial available domestic sewing machine. Our range of inserts includes machines from the 1930s (e.g. Singer Featherweight 221/222) to today’s latest releases across all sewing machine brands.