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About us

I’m EllyPrins from the Netherlands. We live near the Haque in Zoerermeer near the coast.

I have a longarm quilting business. I started 21 years ago with teaching cloth making and quilting. 14 years ago I brought a Gammill Longarm and started a business. In the last seven years we have 2 longarm machines, one with a Statler computer and one without. There are 5 ladies working in the business.

From a teenager, I make my own clothes. Learn for teaching and design and drawing cloth making. Quilting started as an interest and a hobby but now I’m only quilting and not doing cloth making. I work 5 days a week in the quilting and in the evening and weekends, I make my own quilts, not only work but also addicted.

I like to go on holiday and enjoy the outdoors. I also belong to a church and take Sunday school there.

In 2008 I have a booth in Birmingham with my double width fabric and threads and there I meet Dave and Catherine. I started selling Sewezi tables at the end of that year.

The best thing about Sewezi is everything together, the sewing machine that is 10 cm lower than normal, the possibility to transport the table and fold it.

The best experience is the people that see the Sewezi for the first time and brought direct everything from wooden insert to extension table.



For shipping info and cost, please contact info@sewezi.nl