December, 2019 | Good Intentions

December, 2019 | Good Intentions



When I was a little girl my grandmother used to say how the year had flown by, as a child waiting for Christmas to happen each year, I couldn’t understand this, it seemed absolutely ages. Now I am nearly the same age that my grandmother was when she told me this, and I can appreciate how time flies. This year I started the year with so many good intentions, some have been completed but with others I have run out of time.

I have to admit my time has not been swallowed up by the sewing room but rather the garden. This year I have underplanted, putting in more shrubs and perennials, with the hope of better succession colour and less work (well that is the plan anyway). Dave and I support “I have a dream” with 4 fundraising open days in August, when the 150+ deciduous magnolias in our garden are flowering. We also have had the NZ Iris Safari and our local community garden ramble here this spring, and lastly in a week’s time the wedding of some close friend’s children.


Consequently, my focus has been somewhat distracted from sitting at my sewing machines. Never the less, I have had completed, yes completed many of the projects I began this year (I am a great starter with a very short attention span). My intentions for the year, were complete more, rush less, work through the fitting issues and buy less fabric. I am feeling really proud, because 3 ½ out of 4 aren’t bad in my book. I bet you can guess which one I didn’t do so well on, buying less fabric.

My favourite make this year was the Aubepine Dress from Deer and Doe. I made this in a Cath Kidston floral. It was perfect for the autumn wedding of my niece. PS I did the flowers for her wedding too.

Least favourite make was the Pietra Pants from Closet Case. For me I think it was the print, the stretch of fabric and having to alter the size to get it to sit nicely. Also, this style is not so good on me, the pockets sit right on my widest point. The pattern had no problems, it was just the maker who created them

So, after this effort I was determined to make some pants that I liked. Firstly, I sewed the Style Arc Clare Pant in the navy check. Oh dear, those pockets and pleats on my hips. Going back to my good intentions for the year about persevering, I undid basically the whole pant removed the pleats and re stitched, I also lowered the seat at the back. The reason I took the pockets out was the cotton poplin check I used was stiff. Then I made another pair using a soft cotton/linen mix stripe and left the pleats in.

If that was not enough, I completed the trio with the Style Arc Fifi Woven Pant in brown linen print. Again, I lowered the seat. I was very happy with these results.

At the end of November I had a great sewing getaway and had a bit of a making frenzy. I haven’t sewn knit for years and decided to make some t-shirts. The pattern I used was Ottobre 2/17 Statement T-Shirt. That’s right I made 4……

I have made the Grainline Studio Scout Tee before in voile and this time made it in linen. I like it in the voile, or something a bit softer than this weight of linen. I love the colours but  they are slightly stiff looking.

I am a big PJs fan. These photos are of my summer PJ combo. Simplicity 1561 Style D for the top and Burda Plus Magazine Spring Summer 2013 Style 426 pants hacked to shorts for the bottoms. I use the Burda pants pattern because I like the multiple rows of elastic at the waist and they are ultra-comfortable.

The standard make I have in my wardrobe is boxer shorts. I make them in light cotton and cotton/silk mixes. I use the Simplicity 1561 Style H for these. I french seam them and make a slim fit. I wear these every day.

My sewing getaways are a true sewing indulgence, sometimes everything I sew works and looks great (this was one of those) and other times, well I think that is best left unsaid.

Even the best intentions sometimes go awry. This week I was meant to have finished my Christmas Angel, I was going great until I ran out of stuffing. I am off to the store to get some more tomorrow. Hopefully I may get her finished in the next 5 days. LOL.


Thank you for reading my sewing adventures, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Some things about me you need to know…..

I am obsessional, therefore I collect, and have collections.

I am passionate, I either love it or hate it there is no in between.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and struggle with the just ok finish I achieve sometimes.

I garden. I collect plants too, especially deciduous magnolias.

I need colour and texture to nurture my soul.

I read, research, and study because it excites me.

I am a mum to three twenty somethings, an attendant to three cats, and partner in all things to David of more than 30 years.