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Grande sewing table

The SewEzi Grande is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. The table has large flatbed surface, where your sewing machine sits down into the table and is surrounded by an acrylic insert. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on.

The SewEzi Grande’s worktop is approximately 70% bigger than the SewEzi Portable sewing table. The Grande table has foldable legs and can be folded away. 

The SewEzi acrylic sewing machine inserts are especially laser cut to fit any commercial available domestic sewing machine. Our range of inserts includes machines from the 1930s (e.g. Singer Featherweight 221/222) to today’s latest releases across all sewing machine brands.

The acrylic sewing machine insert and cover are included in the price. 


Table Top Dimensions: 119cm x 58.5 cm (47” x 23”)

Table Height: 74cm (29”)

Table Weight: 16.7 kg (37lbs)


Assembly Instructions


Will my sewing machine fit into the Sewezi Grande?

Yes, the SewEzi Grande will fit nearly every commercially produced domestic sewing machine.

There are some very large sewing  machines which will require a GL top to accommodate the angled screen.

Click here to see the list of the large sewing machines.

Your SewEzi stockist will sort this out when you order. 


Can the SewEzi Grande be taken to classes and retreats?

Yes, the SewEzi Grande weighs 17kgs (38 lbs) so it can still be transported. 

We recommend the Grande Mobile which is an accessory to the Grande sewing table, this allows it to be easily wheeled around.


Does the SewEzi Grande have a cover?

Yes, the Grande cover fits on the table from the side, it works best when used with a Grande Mobile. This cover is included in the price.


Will my serger / overlocker fit into the Sewezi Grande?

Smaller sergers (less than 268 mm,  10.5’’) from front to back, will fit in the cut out and don’t need an insert, just sit the serger against the front of the cut out. 

If the serger is too large for the cutout, it can be used on the top of the table by using a Grande solid wood insert.

We now have a specialised serger/overlocker table




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