What is SewEzi

SewEzi is a business that creates solutions to sewing workstation difficulties. Our goal is to allow you to sew anywhere more comfortably. SewEzi does this with unique sewing table designs and a range of accessories that combine to create a personalised sewing station. The physical location of SewEzi head office is Poroti, a small rural community close to Whangarei, New Zealand.

Who is SewEzi

SewEzi the brand is owned by Catherine and David Davies-Colley(who are the designers and manufacturers). Catherine and David live in Poroti (two hours north of Auckland towards the Bay of Islands), Northland, New Zealand. Catherine has a Diploma in Apparel Technology and Administration, and a Master of Fine Arts. David has a Degree in Agricultural Science and a Master of Business Administration.

The SewEzi Portable Table came about as a solution to a problem. 


Catherine is an artist and maker of all things sewn. She loves thread and the way that thread in its various forms and uses is integral to the way we live today as it has been throughout mankind’s history.

One morning in July 2001 Catherine woke up and said to David “I have an idea. I have a concept to build a sewing table”.

At this time Catherine was part of a sewing group, which consisted of four mums with young children. They lived 15-30mins away from each and met regularly to stitch at each other’s homes. Sewing space was always at a premium.

When one of her mum sewing friends complained of neck pain while sewing, Catherine knew the problem was related to the height that the domestic sewing machine was being used at. Sitting a sewing machine on the dining table means the free arm is approximately 84mm (3 ½ inches) too high, so the arms have to be held in an unnaturally high position to sew, hence the neck pain.

So Catherine designed a table in her head, it not only lowered the machine down to the right height, and provided flatbed sewing, It would also be portable so it could be taken to classes, retreats, holiday houses, friends places, really anywhere keen sewers go to sew. And that’s how the Sewezi truly portable sewing table was born.

The next bit was harder. Her husband Dave is a handy type who loves a good project so he got to work converting the idea into a workable model. The first 50 SewEzis were hand made in his shed, and many of those are still in use around their home town of Whangarei, New Zealand.

Twenty years since the launch of SewEzi the company, tens of thousands of SewEzis have found their way to all corners of the globe, and the positive feedback from their customers makes the many years of hard work and struggle all the more worthwhile.


In the early 90’s Catherine gained a qualification in Apparel Technology and Design from Auckland Institute of Technology and followed this up with a small business “Suitable Wear” manufacturing made to measure corporate business womens clothing. From industrial experience Catherine realised her friends back pain and sore shoulders was more than likely associated with incorrect posture while sewing. In simple terms her friends sewing machine was too high for her sitting position.

The concept Catherine came up with that morning in July 2001, solved two problems. Portability, a workstation that was big enough to sew on, but small enough to pack up and take to her friends’ houses, and creating an adaptable cut out in the table top in which the sewing machine sat down into to create true flatbed sewing. Neither of these things are unique, but the combination solved these four friends problems.

David (the ultimate DIY guy) then worked his magic and interpreted the design notes into the SewEzi Portable sewing table. The first prototypes are very similar to the SewEzi Portable sewing table you can purchase today. The main challenges were with the engineering, ensuring strength and stability while not adding weight.

Today SewEzi has

The SewEzi Philosophy

Catherine and Davids’ philosophy here at SewEzi is to design and manufacture products for you that are functional, robust and create a better sewing experience. SewEzi’s design philosophy is not frills but functionality. SewEzi tries very hard to deliver on these promises. The design approach is driven by Catherine (with her “why can’t we do it that way?” questions and ideas) and David has an amazing set of skills to bring concepts to physical reality.