Serger table / Overlocker table

SewEzi Serger Table

The SewEzi  Serger table /Overlocker table is designed to give flatbed sewing when serging or overlocking. This table is designed for serger/overlocking and flatlocking sewing machines.

The table allows for large depth Serger/Overlocker machines that do not fit in the Sewezi Portable or Grande sewing tables. It does not need an acrylic machine insert, the sewing machine aligns against the interior table edge for a snug fit.


* Check availability with your stockist


Table Top Dimensions: 98 cm x 58.5cm (39” x 23”)

Table Height: 74cms (29”) with 3cm, (1 ¼”) of adjustment.

Table Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)


Assembly Instructions



Why do I need a SewEzi Serger/Locker table?

The SewEzi Serger/Overlocker table provides flatbed sewing when using this type of sewing machine. 
Flatbed sewing is more comfortable on your body, the big advantage is having your fabric flat with minimal tension when going between the foot and feed dogs. When your machine is elevated above the table surface the weight of the fabric can create tension the leads to a stretched or fluted seam. 


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