Setting up the SewEzi Portable Table

The SewEzi Portable Sewing Table is our flagship design. It is a uniquely designed sewing table that allows you to choose where you want to sew. 

You can sew at retreats and classes without worrying about sharing a rickety table with other.


The SewEzi Portable table is designed to be PORTABLE. The wheels are attached permanently to the table and there are two handle cut outs in the top to make it moving your SewEzi Portable easy. The SewEzi Portable has been engineered to be as light as possible while still retaining sufficient strength and stability to cope with the demands of many different sewing uses.


Folding up your SewEzi Grande Table

The SewEzi Grande table is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on. Your machine sits down into the table to produce a large level surface allowing for effortless flatbed sewing.


SewEzi Grand Mobile

The Grande Mobile is an accessory for your SewEzi Grande table which makes it easier to move and store. 

If you plan on moving your Grande table a lot or folding it down for storage regularly,  then the Grande mobile is a must.


Why SewEzi?

Sewezi Portable Table Assembly

Assembly Instructions

SewEzi Grande Sewing Table Assembly

Assembly Instructions

Sewezi Extension Table Assembly

SewEzi Accessory Tray Assembly

SewEzi Table Quick Change Accessory

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