Jan 2021 I A new top for the table and me

Jan 2021 I A new top for the table and me

Happy New Year everyone

In the north of New Zealand, where we live, our summer has been very dry and hot. An ideal summer for those enjoying their summer holidays, not so great if you trying to keep your garden green for your daughter’s wedding. 

So far, my summer has been an endless round of shifting hoses and sprinklers. I have enjoyed the challenge of keeping it alive and getting it to perform at the right time. D-day is now less than 10 days away. The excitement is mounting. 

AND yes, my dress has been sorted, funnily enough it is the original fabric and style, always go with your gut instinct.

Here at SewEzi we often get asked

“Will my very large sewing machine fit in a SewEzi seweing table?”

The simple answer is YES.

Some of the new sewing machines are huge and have large screens which are angled for better viewing, this makes the back end of the sewing machine very wide and a challenge for sewing table manufacturers like us. 

To cope with this challenge we have developed a “GL”  (Grande Large) top for the SewEzi Grande which has a special cut out to fit the angled screens, this means we can fit almost every commercially available domestic sewing machine into the SEWEZI Grande.


New Product – GL top for SewEzi Grande

SewEzi  GL  (Grande Large) top is a sewing table designed for large sewing machines. It is suitable for:

Baby lock Ellisimo gold II BLSOG 2

Baby lock Destiny BLDY

Baby lock Ellisimo BLSO

Baby lock Ellisimo gold BLSOG

Baby lock Altair BLTA

Baby lock Solaris BLSA

Baby lock Ellisimo gold II BLSOG 2

Baby lock Destiny BLDY

Baby lock Ellisimo BLSO

Baby lock Ellisimo gold BLSOG

Baby lock Altair BLTA

Baby lock Solaris BLSA

Viking Epic 980 Q

Bellbird Top by The Sewing Revival experimentation

Just before Christmas, I was reading the style advice for a pattern from Fibremood. Fibremood gives individual style tips for every silhouette for each pattern. There was a blousy top I was looking at, it suggested that those who have a A shape(me) should use fabric that had more body (stiffer fabrics) to balance the body out. I can’t believe this was an ahaa! moment for me. I have been sewing with knits, rayons and slinky slippery fabrics for so long and wondered why I was always slightly disappointed with the results.  They slip off my shoulders, whereas linen and cottons add width and give structure where I need it.

Roll on to my making. Early in the spring I made the Bellbird Top from The Sewing Revival for the first time. This pattern recommends fabrics with soft drape, so I made it in polyester crepe and rayon in the round neck version. I made size 16, 14 on sleeve length and 16 1/2 at waist (it was a little snug so l let it out by the amount of the sewing allowances).  They went together very well, I just was not 100% in love with them.

After reading the Fibremood style tips, I thought I would give it ago in other non drapey fabrics. Next came the cotton poplin pink with white crosses and the yellow cotton voile.

I still was not finished, last weekend I made three more just to finish my study.

Off white cotton sheeting with navy print, embroidered white cotton voile and navy with roses in a light cotton. I made the last five with a size 20 waist, as I wanted a looser fit at the waist. I wear these tops like t-shirts.

Conclusion. This is a very simple and stylish pattern. I feel for me it can be made in a variety of fabric types, my favourite is the pink cotton poplin. Taking the photos of the final makes has given me a different perspective, I think photographing the garments on is a better way of evaluating, than in the mirror. I like the versatility of this simple top, and in the end all the tops are successful and give a slightly different look.


Be safe, be kind



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Some things about me you need to know…..

I am obsessional, therefore I collect, and have collections.

I am passionate, I either love it or hate it there is no in between.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and struggle with the just ok finish I achieve sometimes.

I garden. I collect plants too, especially deciduous magnolias.

I need colour and texture to nurture my soul.

I read, research, and study because it excites me.

I am a mum to three twenty somethings, an attendant to three cats, and partner in all things to David of more than 30 years.


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